Good Brands Report 2010: Jamie Oliver (#3)

Good Brands Report 2010: Jamie Oliver (#3)

PSFK and the Purple List present our annual list of ten brands with a penchant for imagination, innovation, environmental responsibility and social consciousness.

Dan Gould
  • 21 april 2010

03 gbr 2010 jamie oliver
03 gbr 2010 jamie oliver

03 psfk good brands report 2010 jamie oliver

From the Good Brands Report 2010:

Jamie Oliver has quickly become the face of a revolution in healthy eating. His vision of a better diet earned Oliver a TED Prize for initiating new awareness around the way children eat, especially in public schools. His campaign to improve meals in schools raised over $1 billion to the UK system, as he spends time educating American children in the Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution USA TV show.

Oliver, as a brand, appeals to better psychological and physical habits and consumers trust his strong sense of generosity, altruism and positivity as their global advocate. The success of his approach to healthy eating owes a great deal to disruptive media and public visibility. As an author, television show host and mobile application steward, he owns a personal brand of better habits, integrating them into the realities of the day. The knowledge he promotes is shared and intended to cultivate community, which builds long-term value in a way that consumers can understand and appreciate.

Lessons For Business

Align Around Good
Implement solutions and help create real change beyond the brand, motivating individuals and communities to take action.

Live Your Brand
Though consumers are quick to reject falsehoods, they will also readily accept and embrace authenticity. Discover what matters most and share it with people.

Change the Status Quo
There are no small problems, only small solutions. Challenge your audience to step outside their comfort zone and make real change.

Appeal to Universals
The easiest way to build a community is to create something around something that everyone can believe in.

Become the Face of Your Brand
In a world of real-time information and greater transparency, successful brands can no longer be faceless entities. Put yourself in front of your audience and talk to them.

Teach People to Be Better Through Entertainment
Broadcasting a one-way message isn’t a bad strategy if it’s entertaining and makes people to stop and think.

Jamie Oliver

Read or download the rest of the report: Good Brands Report 2010

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