Good Brands Report 2010: MIT (#4)

Good Brands Report 2010: MIT (#4)

PSFK and the Purple List present our annual list of ten brands with a penchant for imagination, innovation, environmental responsibility and social consciousness.

Dan Gould
  • 21 april 2010

04 gbr 2010 mit

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is a leading university that has bridged its history of collaboration with imagination into consumers’ daily activities. With its student-generated “lab” programs, recent innovations have improved people’s abilities to track personal and behavioral data, while realizing where objects come from and where they go. The Institute’s SourceMap application allows consumers to geographically track every component of their product origins to evaluate carbon offsets, while MIT’s SENSable City Lab focuses on providing a real-time trail of where trash goes after it is thrown out.

The school’s Copenhagen Wheel, allows riders to collect, track and share their progress, and also to visualize the impact their biking has on their local environment, personal health and social life every time they pedal.

The brand emotes real accessibility, intuition and sound science by inserting intelligence into our everyday objects and habits.

Lessons For Business

Question the Impossible
Approach the impossible with new perspective.

Build Value By Sharing Knowledge
Inspire progress by spreading innovation that others would consider trade secrets.

Enable Awareness
Provide tools to track information that will help people make in- formed decisions.

Look Beyond Technology
Use art as a type of research into imaginative possibilities

Ask “Why?”
Understand the purpose behind boundaries that define the current state of affairs.


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