Ham Radio Still Popular In The iPad Era

Ham Radio Still Popular In The iPad Era

Contrary to popular belief, people are embracing ham radios and its popularity is growing.

Naresh Kumar
  • 12 april 2010

In today’s age of Twitter, Facebook and the likes, ham radio, which was speculated to gradually diminish, is not only alive and well, it is actually growing in popularity. More than 30,000 applicants signed up for their ham radio licenses last year, says the American Radio Relay League. While most of the ham operators are over 50 years old, teenagers too are getting attracted towards this old school way of communication. It helped that the Federal Communications Commission did away with the Morse Code requirement and the test papers are now widely available on the web.

Ham radio technology has been in use for nearly a century and has, in recent times, provided vital communication in disaster affected areas including Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake.

[NPR via Slashdot]

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