I Exist Because of Command V: Ryan Trecartin, CGI Fashion & Algorithms

I Exist Because of Command V: Ryan Trecartin, CGI Fashion & Algorithms

Artist Ryan Trecartin explores search dynamics, social media and identity.

Lisa Baldini
  • 13 april 2010

Artist Ryan Trecartin recently published a feature in critical and conceptual online fashion journal DIS. Trecartin is known for his dark alternative reality videos that marry high-quality digital effects with DIY-like footage from live action as well Internet and popular culture samples. With the CG Fashion story we see Trecartin collaborating with Solomon Chase and Buntah to utilize algorithms for image and text searches that form the sensical/non-sensical base for what would be an inquiry into the fashion of our future 3-D avatars.

What’s interesting about Trecartin’s work, and is evident here with the use of algorithms, is the speculation on new forms of associations through search. Often, we forget that our search habits are tracked by search engines and inform a sensical presentation of data back to the user. Trecartin’s composition takes this and the overarching social media environment and cross-pollinates them to expose a holistic view of Internet culture. Because in what other time would we care about the eyewear of a a three-dimensional representation of ourselves?

DIS Magazine: “Shades of Nowhere”

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