iFixit, the popular troubleshooting and repair guide site for Apple products, has relaunched by expanding to user-editable repair manuals for all electronic devices.

Most of us know iFixit as the place to go to learn gadget teardowns and Apple products fixes. Yesterday on Earth Day, iFixit announced its plans to revamp the site and make it a global repair community with user-level repairs of any electronic device. iFixit is inviting its community of users to provide repair guidelines of devices such as cameras, game consoles, mobile phones and others. In true wiki spirit, the guides will be editable and available free online.

Something else which iFixit aims to achieve with their new interface is reducing e-waste. Making your device last longer by repairing it for simple malfunctions and not tossing it away prevents it from being dumped in a third world country where it will be mined for extracting copper and other valuable metals, exposing people to dangerous air pollutants.

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