Massive 3D Printer Creates Buildings Out Of Sand

Massive 3D Printer Creates Buildings Out Of Sand
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The D-Shape is a huge 3D printer that uses sand to build structures.

Naresh Kumar
  • 26 april 2010

Enrico Dini, an Italian inventor, has created a huge 3D printer that can print complete buildings out of sand. Named the D-Shape, the printer is controlled by a computer running CAD software and has thousands of nozzles on its underside which emit a layer of sand followed by a layer of magnesium-based binder which turns the sand to solid stone. Dini claims that his printer can construct a building four times faster than by the conventional method and can easily print intricately curved structures which are otherwise difficult to build.

Massive 3D Printer Could Build An Entire Lunar Base 2

The printer has caught the imagination of the European Space Agency, who wants Dini to create a modified D-Shape printer that can use moon dust to fabricate an entire lunar base.


[via Dvice]

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