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A watch concept uses modern technology to help the wearer know where the moon is in its cycle.

Piers Fawkes, PSFK
  • 6 april 2010

The Moonwatch concept from Barcelona design studio the Emotion Lab is an interesting exploration of mixing modern technology with natural balance to help the wearer know where the moon is in its cycle. Users can switch from time mode to moon mode with a switch of a button and understand how their emotional state relates to the position of the moon.

moon watch 2.jpg

The design firm’s web site reads:

The moon has been a guide and object of admiration and mysticism during thousands of years. Agriculture, fertility, tidal patterns, human behavior and many other activities have been linked to the different moon phases.

Moonwatch has been designed to establish a relationship between the moon cycle and a person’s emotional states. It’s a new concept of time based on nature which invites people to reflect upon and gain a closer understanding of their mood and daily life on earth.

emotion lab moon watch.jpg

Emotion Lab


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