Many nutritionists and members of the healthy eating movement are shocked by the introduction of KFC's new Double Down Sandwich.

Even in the age of Jamie Oliver and even mainstream brands giving daily reminders of our bad eating habits, there are plenty that want to ignore the healthy-eating hype and speak to straight to the gut of American fast foodies.

To the latter, I present KFC’s Double Down–a hefty sandwich that uses two pieces of fried chicken filets as the “buns,” with the middle filled with nothing but two strips of bacon, two kinds of cheese and the Colonel’s Special Sauce. Although KFC’s site insists that it only contains 540 calories, other sources and testing have reported that it closer to 1, 228 (about half of a man’s daily recommended intake). The sandwich also presents an incredibly high salt intake (1,380 milligrams of salt and 32 grams of fat, including 10 grams of cholesterol-laden saturated fat).

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