The Night Journey is an experimental video game inspired by spiritualism and enlightenment.

The Night Journey is a video game developed by video artist Bill Viola and the USC Game Innovation Lab. Unlike the fast paced world of typical video games, The Night Journey rewards the player for slowing down. If the player attempts to move quickly, the game blurs the landscape. The creators say that the game is based on an individual's journey toward enlightenment.

More on the game from their official site:

Visual inspiration for The Night Journey is drawn from the prior works of Bill Viola. Narrative inspiration comes from the lives and writings of great historical figures. The interactive design attempts to evoke in the player's mind a sense of the archetypal journey of enlightenment through the “mechanics” of the game experience – i.e. the choices and actions of the player during the game. The player's voyage through The Night Journey takes them through a poetic landscape, a space that has more reflective and spiritual qualities than geographical ones. The core mechanic in the game is the act of traveling and reflecting rather than reaching certain destinations – the trip along a path of enlightenment.

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