‘Ninja’ Is The Latest Job Title Buzz Word

‘Ninja’ Is The Latest Job Title Buzz Word

'Ninja' may be the trendiest title for a job description nowadays, says LinkedIn.

Naresh Kumar
  • 13 april 2010

According to LinkedIn Corp., the ‘Ninja’ has become the trendiest title for a job description, adding that it has become way more popular than other fashionable titles such as ‘Guru’ and ‘Evangelist’. While many computer programmers are using this title, it is also being used to describe expertise in any random job. In fact, not only professionals seeking jobs, even companies are using the ninja title for their employees. Bonobos Inc., a New York based start-up, is one of them which has given the title of ninjas to its customer service employees.

It was which probably fueled the rise of the ninja title, at least in the IT space. The company hosts a ninja brain-teaser contest when hiring techies at jobs fairs, with the winners getting the title of Amazon Ninja Coder.

Opinions on whether the ninja title should be used or not is divided, with some people saying that the title is only metaphorical and sounds better than ‘guru’ which is outdated while others believing that ninja is just the latest fad in job titles made to look like a professional is distinguished and unique from other candidates.

In Japan, the country of its origin, Ninja was used to describe a stealth warrior from feudal times who used covert methods to wage wars.

WSJ: “In the Search for a Hot Job Title, Enter the Ninja”

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