OTTER hopes to streamline and transform texting culture, targeting work day productivity, parents with teens, and social situations.

Streamline your texting life with the OTTER app. Erik Wood developed the concept solely to make cellphone usage safer and more efficient after his three-year old was almost hit by a driver who was texting. Developed exclusively for the Android platform, OTTER hopes to transform texting culture by targeting work day productivity, parents with teens, and social situations. How does it work?

Manage incoming texts during meetings, the daily commute, or during important deadlines by setting the auto-reply function to increase focus throughout the workday. The GPS/Parental Control Feature allows parents to control the texting habits of their teen drivers. Parents enter a password and monitor when their teen's phone is in a moving vehicle. Once activated, all incoming texts are silenced and replaced with an auto-reply anti-texting and driving response. For social scenarios where using a cellphone is inappropriate, create groups of fully editable text responses which can be saved and quickly retrieved and tailor responses to each friend or situation. For city dwellers who don't need the GPS safety features OTTERurban includes just the one-touch and auto-reply feature.

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