Our 10 Favorite Android Apps

Our 10 Favorite Android Apps

Here's our list of the 10 Android apps we use the most or that we find really interesting.

Zackry Wiegand
  • 30 april 2010

We were recently asked to participate in a poll for Motorola where they asked ‘trendsetters’ what their favorite Android apps were. Here our list of the 10 apps we use the most or that we find really interesting.

Facebook– We love the sync options that come with Android phones. The Facebook app syncs your current contacts with their facebook information keeping all of your friends info in one accessible place.

Layar– The only augmented reality tool we use. There are so many layers to search with, it makes finding anything near you a breeze.

Droidlight– Not revolutionary, but you’ll be spared many a stubbed toe at night with this handy flashlight app.

Advanced Task Killer– A great apps manager that helps you stay on top of maintaining long battery life.

Shazam– It has become the wikipedia for music on the go. We couldn’t imaging saying “what is this song?” and not being able to find the answer.

Movies– The up to date location awareness lists movies playing around you. Integration with Rotten tomatoes lets you make quick choices by review, and yelp and directions are a click away.

NPR– Full streaming access to their entire  catalog of past shows and podcasts, along with top news stories and local stations makes this a great  app.

Slidescreen– A really cool alternative homescreen that displays a summary of all of your relevant information: emails, calls, calendar events, weather etc.

SpotMessage – Using GPS you can designate a spot with Google Maps where you can “drop” an SMS message for someone to receive when they get there.

Sweet Dreams– Set filters like location, movement or noise to avoid unwanted calls. Never worry about getting a call during a meeting or after you go to sleep.

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