More and more people are turning to cosmetic procedures in hopes of improving their job prospects, says a report.

According to CBS, hundreds of people in the Chicago area are turning to plastic surgery in the hope of keeping their jobs or finding new ones. According to Dr. Steven Dayan, a Chicago based facial plastic surgeon, more and more people are asking for cosmetic procedures such as Rhinoplasty and Botox as they feel a better look gives them an edge in the challenging job market.

One of his patients is sales executive, David Wilk who is convinced that his nose job will improve his career prospects.

I didn’t want my nose to be the center of my thoughts during an interview or during a presentation, and with working in sales, I knew that couldn’t be a distraction, so I really wanted to take care of the situation. One thing that I know, especially working in sales, is that your face, you represent the company. I can go in there and honestly say, with confidence, that I am here to represent your company, and looking wise, I have to look the part, and in sales that’s very important.

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