Fancy Hands is a simple online personal assistant service.

Fancy Hands is a personal assistant service with a simple proposition: for a flat $30/month fee, they will do any 15 to-do list tasks that can be done remotely. Tasks are done by real people via email correspondence, tackling simple chores like those on their list of most common requests:

Restaurant Reservations Scheduling a car service / taxi pickup Find the nearest place that has iPads in stock Find the advertising rates (or contact info) for the top 10 [industry] blogs Schedule a haircut with [stylist] on Friday after 1pm Call [three bars] and find out if they have a private room available for rentals Call [primarily offline company] and get the status of order number xyz Find a couple upholsterer options near where I work Call TD Bank and ask how many checks I can use for free on a standard personal account Call some hotel and extend my stay for three nights instead of two

The service cannot yet perform physical tasks like “dropping off laundry” or any tasks that require money to change hands, but is currently developing secure methods for making credit card payments on a user's behalf.

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