Elly Mackay turns paper into something magical.

Elly Mackay makes theater out of paper. Her illustrative style is quite striking, using layered paper and special lighting effects to create ethereal, fairytale-like settings.

She explains the way she works:

I have a fluid process. With layers to create the setting, individual characters, lighting, filters, camera height and settings, there is lots of play prior to getting the shot I am looking for and many surprises.

I begin making my works with thumbnails and concept drawings and I write a few words down about the atmosphere I am hoping to create. I then begin to build my layers. I use Yupo paper, a plastic paper. It has strength, allowing it to bend without creasing, and it stands up easily. It also catches the light quite beautifully and takes ink well. I have found that some interesting effects can be achieved with it if you spray it, roll over inked areas with other colours, etc.

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