(Pics) Location Drawing: An Illustrator In Africa

(Pics) Location Drawing: An Illustrator In Africa

George Butler, a London based illustrator with a penchant for location drawings, took to the road on a six-month trek across Africa, capturing the spirit of each he place he encountered.

Kyana Gordon
  • 15 april 2010

George Butler, a London based illustrator with a penchant for location drawings took to the road on a six-month trek across Africa. Leaving London for Libreville in Gabon, Butler’s sketches capture the spirit of each place he encounters, making way for a visual travelogue.  His journey has taken him through Gambia, Senegal, Mali and Niger and he plans to sketch the Tuareg communities in Algeria and a voodoo festival in Togo.  His goal is “to describe Africa as I find it, something that I believe you can do honestly only with a pen and paper, which allows you to be discerning and understanding, and to record things over time. I plan to draw with pen and ink and watercolour, but with pencils in reserve.”


Butler’s trip is chronicled as a travel blog on the Times Online, which is regularly updated with his experiences. Sharing his visit to a Chimp Rehabilitation Center in Gambia where he was picked up by boat and handed a glass of cold baobab juice. He also describes the appreciation of people he sketches and notices in Dakar, the first time since Algiers, a little bit of disposable income. What makes this trip original is the unique sketches that come in tandem with each of George Butler’s brief posts about the places he visits.

Times Online: George Butler’s Sketch Travel Blog

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