SpeedSpike Will Catch Speeding Drivers Via Satellite

SpeedSpike Will Catch Speeding Drivers Via Satellite

A new satellite-based system will help catch speeding drivers in London.

Dan Gould
  • 22 april 2010

A new satellite-based system is designed to help catch speeding drivers in London.

Traffic cameras at ground level will be assisted by the SpeedSpike satellite system, which will track average car speed between two different points.

Jalopnik reports:

SpeedSpike’s proponents hope it will eliminate “rat-runs,” back roads and alleyways drivers currently use to evade traffic and speed enforcement. There’s also some vague assertion that it will reduce both congestion and speeds outside schools, although we suspect that’s simply a cynical attempt to squeeze SpeedSpike’s adoption past the public, which it’s actually designed to squeeze revenue out of.

Sadly, the AA (a driver’s lobby group as well as a provider of roadside assistance) isn’t putting up much objection, saying, “It is a natural evolution of the technology that is out there.”

Federal Signal / SpeedSpike (PDF)

Jalopnik: “Never Mind The Sputniks! England Testing Satellite Speed Cameras”

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