Tokyo Nightclub Operates Against Conventional Thinking

Tokyo Nightclub Operates Against Conventional Thinking

Dommune in an innovative nightclub open on weekday evenings that takes full advantage of online media.

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 29 april 2010

The foundation for most nightclubs is that they are open late, on weekends, and can handle a big crowd. But a new club in Tokyo called Dommune has taken the exact opposite approach and is finding success. Dommune is located in a small one room basement of a building, and the club is open mostly on weekdays – Sunday through Thursday for three hours each night, closing at midnight. Rather than compete with the other big clubs, Dommune tries to complement them instead, by being open when they aren’t. The early operating hours also cater to a crowd that maybe doesn’t have the energy to stay up till 2am or has to go to work the next day.

Dommune has a limited capacity of 50 people. Online registration is required in order to get a ticket. But the owners didn’t want people who couldn’t get in to miss the experience. Video and audio from each night at Dommune is steamed live online so anyone can tune in. The stream has become quite popular with thousands of viewers tuning in each night. The stream has already recorded over 1 million visitors in the one month it has been active. Guests at the physical Dommune and those at home watching the virtual stream are using Twitter to communicate as the party is happening.

Part of Dommune’s success has been that it has booked top dj talent that have been in town for other gigs. The club has become a destination for follow up gigs from international dj talent.

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