Learnings and take-away points from the recent Search Engine Strategies Conference.

PSFK attended the recent Search Engine Strategies Conference in New York for an opportunity to catch a panel on the development of trends in Internet search behavior and product development.

Panelists included Stefan Weitz, the Director of Bing, Larry Cornett, VP of Consumer Products at Yahoo! Search, Brett Tabke, CEO of WebmasterWorld.com, and Robert Murray, CEO of iProspect. The panel was moderated by Graham Mudd, VP of Search & Media at ComScore.

While search results pages (SERP) have remained aesthetically the same, the amount of energy and computational science behind them is phenomenal. Yahoo and Bing are both advertising their platforms and growing their focus within particular verticals, such as entertainment and travel. Moreover, all search engines are starting to accommodate for online services and the expansion of social networking sites.

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