Urban Foraging Gaining Momentum

Urban Foraging Gaining Momentum
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Urban Foraging, a charity movement which encourages harvesting the bounty of trees and sharing it with the community, is growing in the US.

Naresh Kumar
  • 14 april 2010

Urban Foraging is a growing movement that promotes harvesting the bounty of city trees, which would have otherwise fallen and left to rot, and sharing it with the needy. One of the most active campaigners of urban foraging is Anna Chan of California, who is lovingly called the Lemon Lady because of her work in harvesting lemons from trees in her community and donating them to the local food pantries. She delivered more than 40 tons of fruit worth $100,000 to her local food banks in her first year of pursuing urban foraging.

Another organization involved in this movement is PUEBLO (People United for a Better Life in Oakland). It has an 8 week program that pays teens to pick fruit in the neighborhoods which it then donates directly to low income senior centers in those neighborhoods.

Most individuals and organizations involved in urban foraging distribute simple flyers at street fairs and go door-to-door to get permission from the property owners to pick the fruit and donate it to local food banks. They also donate seedlings to community gardens, besides inspiring local business communities and church members to spread the word and be a part of urban foraging.

Anna Chan


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