VOTENAWEB: Social Media Meets Politics

VOTENAWEB: Social Media Meets Politics

VOTENAWEB provides a platform for people in Brazil to vote, informally, for the same projects that are being voted at the Brazilian Congress.

Mauricio Soares
  • 1 april 2010

Webcitizen has created a platform that enables everyone to approve or reject the bills presented at the Brazilian Congress. VOTENAWEB (vote on the web) reproduces the full text of the bills, together with a short profile of its author and the current situation of the proposition.

Still in its beta version, VOTENAWEB already received more than 7000 votes in various subjects. Its goal is to rescue the idea of citizenship, bringing people closer to the decisions that directly affect their lives. One great “side effect” of this initiative is the exposure of discrepancies between how politicians vote and how people that elected them expect them vote.

As with any collaborative platform, VOTENAWEB tends to get better as more people participate and more bills get voted for. The user can compare his voting log to that of congress members’ and check which one is more aligned to his own opinions, thus having a clearer basis for voting in the next elections.

With political scandals hitting the news every other day, a platform like this means a big deal for Brazil. It raises awareness for what’s happening in the political sphere and refreshes the memory of voters through a lasting and ever-evolving database of projects, bills and votings. This way, demagogic and corrupt politicians are less likely to survive endlessly in the public life, and maybe we’ll see more righteous people stepping up to the challenge of leading the country.


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