A Data Visualization Of Your Personality

A Data Visualization Of Your Personality

A novel online tool generates an infographic representing your own personality and behaviors.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 5 may 2010

The personality infographic generator creates a data visualization of your individual personality and habits. Answering several questions (click the UK flag at the top right corner for English language interface) allows the tool to analyze unique characteristics of your personality and behavior – ranging from what you like to eat, to how long you’re online per day, to your preferred mode of transportation, as well as your online persona/s.

The data analysis results in a simple map of your personality, presented within the context of the relative relationships of your answers to those of more than 42,000 others. Users are able to personalize the infographic by altering the colors, layout orientation, etc.

Not sure this will make its way onto your next client presentation, but it may find a home on your personal website, or portfolio.

Ionx: personality infographic generator

[via information aesthetics]

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