A Public Peep Show

A Public Peep Show
Arts & Culture

Art Everywhere brings art and vitality to vacant retail space.

Brian W. Jones
  • 10 may 2010

Last summer, No Longer Empty began filling vacant NYC spaces with art installations. This summer, the idea has found its way to Norfolk, Virgina. Art Everywhere, a local art initiative there, have chosen 33 art installations(out of almost 90 submissions) to transform a 4 block stretch of Granby Street into a 24-hour outdoor gallery for two months downtown.

One of the projects, Peep Show, was installed by The Office of PlayLab, a design office in Brooklyn. PlayLab’s goal is to work on things that make themselves and others happy. Peep Show is an interactive sculpture of twelve colorful pyramids, stacked and fastened together to make a wall of mountainous ‘peep’ holes. Each hole offers someone a chance to see something that makes them smile.

Art Everywhere,

The Office of PlayLab, Inc.


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