Acupressure Inspired Shirt Displays Wearer’s Emotional State

Acupressure Inspired Shirt Displays Wearer’s Emotional State
Design & Architecture

A conceptual shirt uses LEDs to create emotional awareness.

Naresh Kumar
  • 12 may 2010

A team of media artists has conceptualized a wearable design piece called e-Pressed which aims to communicate and release negative emotions such as grief, sadness, pain and anger in a new way. e-Pressed is in the form of a shirt which contains bio-sensors that pick up stress levels of the wearer and indicates it via embedded LEDs, in the hope that people near the wearer of the shirt will come and press the acupuncture points marked on the shirt, relaxing him which will be indicated by the lights on the shirt turning off.

The shirt is made of gray sweat-shirt fabric with an inside and an outside layer, with the buttons of the pressure areas and LEDs placed between the inner and outer garment layer. The wearer of the shirt has to connect two fingers of his left hand to the sensor which is connected to an Arduino board.

Watch the video of this shirt in action here.


[via ElectricFoxy]

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