(Books) Urban Interventions: Public Art In A Post-Graffiti World

(Books) Urban Interventions: Public Art In A Post-Graffiti World

Die Gestalten's book explores the world of public art.

Lisa Baldini
  • 12 may 2010

From Christo and Jean-Cleaude’s wrapping of buildings to Graffiti Research Lab’s LED assaults, artists often intervene with the urban landscape outside of the boundries of traditional street art. In a post-graffiti culture, how an artist is able to garner attention in a meaningful and speculative way is as simultaneously difficult as it is perhaps one of the best times for such an endeavor. That is, they have to compete with advertising, architecture, shortened attention spans and overall visual saturation, but these issues offer a wealth of critique. This is where Die Gestalten’s Urban Interventions book takes off:

Evolving from graffiti and street art, urban interventions are the next generation of artwork to hit public space. Using any and all of the components that make up urban and rural landscapes, these mostly spatial interventions bring art to the masses. They turn the street into a studio, laboratory, club, and gallery. Modified traffic signs, swings at bus stops, and images created out of sand or snow challenge us to rediscover our environment and interact with it in new ways. The work is an intelligent and critical commentary on the planning, use, and commercialization of public space.

Die Gestalten’s Urban Interventions

+Graffiti Research Lab
+Market Research
+shepard fairey
+urban intervention
+urban landscape
+Wooster Collective

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