Do The Young Prefer Virtual Sightseeing To Physical Travel?

Do The Young Prefer Virtual Sightseeing To Physical Travel?

The younger generation may want to explore the world virtually from the comfort of their homes, rather than actually visiting places.

Naresh Kumar
  • 3 may 2010

A recent report says young people prefer playing computer games and indulging in social networks rather than enjoying outside activities. The Future of Free Time report, commissioned by online travel firm says that in Japan, people are spending more time and money on in-house entertainment and technology to sightsee from the comfort of their homes rather than travel and visit places.

The report further says:

Perhaps worryingly, a new generation will reject travel altogether in favor of gaming, social networking and ‘always on’ media. As in-home leisure is becoming more engaging, a group of young people will emerge who do not go out any more. Rather than travel, this group of Go-Nowhere-Gamers prefers to transfer their lives into the home, playing computer games and watching interactive 3D TV.

On the future of entertainment technology:

In the future, in-home entertainment technology will be more exciting, more interactive and more visually appealing. The internet and social networking online will make online video communication smoother and more real. The home as a center of free time will become more appealing and compete with out-of-home free time.

Experts believe that the trend in Japan may be an indication of a similar phenomenon in the UK and elsewhere. They suggest that to tempt these go-nowhere-gamers to come out of their closets, the travel industry will need to continually innovate to attract the young. Public places such as museums and galleries will have to make the visitors’ experiences more interactive with visual interactive mobile devices instead of plain audio video guides. Restaurants may have to open up more to their guests by involving them in the cooking process.

Telegraph: “Children ‘would rather explore the world virtually than travel'”

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