First Remote Heart Surgery A Success

First Remote Heart Surgery A Success

A new surgery method could help protect doctors from excess radiation.

Naresh Kumar
  • 10 may 2010

Engadget reports that a cardiologist has performed the world’s first ever remote heart surgery. Dr. Andre Ng of the Glenfield Hospital in Leicester UK successfully used a Remote Catheter Manipulation System to insert electrodes into a patient’s heart. The robotic arm of the system allows doctors to stay away from the radiation of the X-rays used to monitor patients.

A press release explains:

Dr Ng said: “The new Robotic procedure is an important step forward because, while some procedures are straightforward, others can take several hours. Because X-rays are used to allow the doctor to monitor what is going on inside the patient, it means that doctors standing close to the patient wear radiation shields such as lead aprons which are burdensome. Protracted procedures can lead to clinician fatigue and high cumulative radiation exposure.

The benefit of the Robotics system to the patient is that movement of the catheter could be done with great precision. It is anticipated that further developments of the system may allow complex procedures to be made more streamlined.

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