Future of Health: Monitoring Respiratory Health Via iPhone

Future of Health: Monitoring Respiratory Health Via iPhone
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The Blue Flow device helps users track and analyze their breathing with a simple app.

Kyle Studstill
  • 26 may 2010

Blue Flow

Blue Flow is a device that syncs with a user’s iPhone to monitor the condition of their breathing. Users blow into the device, which wirelessly transmits the results into an iPhone application for analysis and tracking. The application is designed to relay this information to the user’s physician, and allows the user to monitor their own respiratory health with a series of in-app tools.

[via Yanko Design]

Over the next few weeks, PSFK is running a trends research and innovation project in association with UNICEF. We will be researching (with your help) the development of key trends that impact health and wellbeing and then using our findings to develop with partners concepts that UNICEF and likeminded organizations could consider deploying across the world.

Find out more here: PSFK presents the Future Of Health in association with UNICEF

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