Future of Health: Nutritional Packages For Recovering Areas

Future of Health: Nutritional Packages For Recovering Areas
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A collection of easily consumable supplies provides essential nutrients to people in need.

Kyle Studstill
  • 26 may 2010

PSFK Future of Health


Vitahelp is a concept product from designer Antoinette Padmore. Vitahelp speaks to the lack of nutritional aid that children and other victims of disaster-striken areas are forced to endure. The Viatahelp packages are intended to provide emergency relief, giving victims a collection of easily consumable supplies.

Designer Antoinette Padmore explains below:

In the midst of the Haitian earthquake, I felt hopeless as to what I can do to help the people in need. I immediately thought nutritional aid for children, specifically for those in impoverished countries. Vitahelp is an emergency relief package containing all the nutrients the body needs to recover. I dedicate this to all those who were lost and those who are still in need of help.

[via Dieline]

Over the next few weeks, PSFK is running a trends research and innovation project in association with UNICEF. We will be researching (with your help) the development of key trends that impact health and wellbeing and then using our findings to develop with partners concepts that UNICEF and likeminded organizations could consider deploying across the world.

Find out more here: PSFK presents the Future Of Health in association with UNICEF

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