Gizmo Landscapes: The Journey Of The iPhone

Gizmo Landscapes: The Journey Of The iPhone

Explore the iPhone's vast array of infrastructures, dataecologies, and device networks.

Naresh Kumar
  • 21 may 2010

The Mammoth blog takes us on a fascinating iPhone journey, from the mines where the metal for its touchscreen is mined to the cell tower which locates that helps to locate a coffee shop, or operate an app.

They explain:

The iPhone is not only dependent upon highly developed systems in its production, but is also equally dependent in its operation upon a vast array of infrastructures, data ecologies, and device networks.

The Journey Of The iPhone

The touchscreen employs a technology known as “Project Capacitive Touch” sensing, which registers movement and pressure with electrically-charged strips of the transparently conducting solution indium tin oxide. Apple sources this metal Indium from mines and refineries of Canada, China, Belgium and Russia. The device itself is manufactured in a Chinese company called Hon Hai Precision Industries in Shenzhen, while Apple has created many server farms and cell towers across the US for storing data and transmitting it to the iPhone.

Mammoth: “A preliminary atlas of gizmo landscapes”

Image by Christopher Chan

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