What's the future of the enigmatic QR code? Alan Bendetto of JMango, a partner of DENSO, the inventors of the QR Code, explains.

PSFK recently spoke with Alan Bendetto of JMango, a mobile QR Code solutions provider, to understand where QR Codes originate from, where QR Codes are today, and where QR Codes are headed tomorrow. Here's what we learned:

Please explain what QR Codes are and how they got started ?

QR Codes are basically a two dimensional symbology that was developed in 1994 by DENSO and its parent company Toyota, for the purpose of manufacturing, particularly in relation to logistics.

Unlike traditional barcodes, which hold data in one direction (horizontal) that reads one way, they were set up to carry data within the code QR Code's hold data both horizontally and also vertically, which enabled it to carry significantly higher levels of data than other codes.

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