The Betterness Movement

The Betterness Movement

Kristina Loring of Design Mind speaks with Umair Haque of Havas Media Lab to investigate doing meaningful work in today's corporate culture.

Daniel Edmundson
  • 12 may 2010

How do corporations create community, creating a profit that far exceeds money towards new brand meaning? What business models are breaking new ground to benefit not only their bottom line, but the standing of their social currency?

Kristina Loring of Design Mind recently spoke with Umair Haque, Director of the Havas Media Lab, founder of Bubblegeneration and a writer for the Harvard Business Review on the changing state of corporate culture and what it means for today’s business ecosystem.

“We often think of innovation in terms of products and services or technologies, but I think what we need to do is start thinking of what I like to call institutional innovation, which is really all about changing the building blocks of an organization. Coming up with new ways to glue an organization together.”

Perhaps as a timely coincidence to Walmart’s announcement of a $2 billion donation to fight hunger, Haque goes on to talk about the corporation’s strategies for organizational and social growth–a movement still in its infancy, he says.

Listen to the full scope of ideas with Umair Haque at Design Mind.

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