Lose Control And You Could Lose Everything: Rankin’s Anti Binge Drinking Video


Birmingham's NHS has tapped top notch talent for a gritty new viral campaign.

Tarik Fontenelle
  • 26 may 2010

Birmingham’s NHS, having grown increasingly anxious with the excessive drinking habits of 16-30 year-olds, have decided to bring world renowned photographer Rankin on board with a forceful new anti binge drinking viral campaign. The ad in itself, which concludes with the line ‘lose control and you could lose everything’, will include a city wide push, from postcards to street installations to leaflets – pizza and water will even be handed out in the city in an attempt to show merry makers how to stay ‘on the right side of paralytic’.

Rankin, who shot an anti-smoking advert last year, directs the viral alongside Chris Cottam which displays a young drinker boozing excessively and losing control on a big night out with friends. Typically gritty, dark and tense as you could expect from Rankin, the viral is as arresting as it is effective and Birmingham NHS hope it will have a positive affect and reduce the damage caused by heavy drinking.

Have a look at the video here.

Guardian: “Rankin’s ‘Who’s in control?’ anti-binge-drinking ad”

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