Making It Rain With Lasers?

Making It Rain With Lasers?

An experiment at the University of Geneva gives hope to the promise of on-demand rain.

Dan Gould
  • 5 may 2010

An experiment at the University of Geneva has has successfully triggered condensation both in the lab, and outdoors using lasers. And while it may be a while till this technique can cause a proper rain storm, it is a promising development.

Optical physicist Jérôme Kasparian was able to cause rain drops to form inside a cloud chamber by shooting intense pulses of energy into it. He also had luck with causing some activity outside.

Smart Planet explains:

To see how this would work in actual clouds, Kasparian used a high-powered Teramobile laser to create an electrical discharge. Although the method did create condensation when the humidity was high, going beyond that remains a major hurdle.

Kasparian told Nature: “We can only create condensation along the laser channel, so we won’t be going out and making rain tomorrow.”

If this laser technology can ultimately induce showers it could have major implications for the agricultural industry.

Watch a video demonstration below:

Smartplanet: “How to create rain clouds with lasers”

image (not related) by rengel134

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