Meet Scout, A Robot Made Out Of LEGOs

Meet Scout, A Robot Made Out Of LEGOs
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Scout is a remote controlled flying robot built from LEGO Technic building bricks with two electric ducted fans for forward and upward propulsion.

Courtney Boyd Myers
  • 25 may 2010

Scout was created by 28-year-old ITP student Belisario Russell de la Torre (who goes by Russell) from Trenton, NJ. Russell was first turned onto robots when he was a little kid playing with remote control cars.

He explains:

“I was fascinated with how they worked,” he says. “My dad and I would scour flea markets for R/C cars and trucks. We found ones with missing or broken parts, fixed them and sold them for a little spare change.”

Russell built his first robot when he was 10 years old. Its base consisted of a R/C monster truck, a body made out of stacked cardboard boxes and paper towel dowel arms.

It took Russell one month to plan and build Scout and he plans on spending this summer improving Scout’s by installing a stabilizing system to keep the bot level in flight. Russell has bold ambitions for his robot building career. “I want to create robots that could help with everyday tasks or have robots complete tasks that a person can not do,” he says.

See an early test run of Scout below:

Scout’s First Test from Russell de la Torre on Vimeo.

Belisario Russell de la Torre

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