Move To The Countryside, Live Longer

Move To The Countryside, Live Longer

A new report finds that a greener life in the countryside could increase life expectancy.

Naresh Kumar
  • 27 may 2010

A British report shows that people in the countryside have better life expectancy than their counterparts in the city. The Office for National Statistics undertook a 7 year research project on people in Britain, and concluded that men in rural areas can expect to live two years longer than those in the city while women, a year and a half more than their urban peers. Significantly, the report also suggests that living in the country closes the life-expectancy gap between rich and poor.

From The Guardian:

Life expectancy at birth, according to the research, “improved with increasing ‘rurality’ and those born in village and dispersed areas could expect to live longer than those in town and fringe areas. Experts said that there were three reasons for this trend: there is less poverty in rural areas; selective migration has created a belt of commuter villages; and the demonstrable benefits of a greener life.

Guardian: “Country dwellers live longer, report on ‘rural idyll’ shows”

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