(Report) Ordinary Places: Transforming Everyday Space

(Report) Ordinary Places: Transforming Everyday Space

A new report addresses the question of how we can create a valuable urbanism for present and future generations.

Dan Gould
  • 17 may 2010

A new report titled Ordinary Places has been designed to spark conversation about transforming everyday spaces into something more beneficial.

Created by CABE, an advisor to the UK government on architecture and urban design, Ordinary Places wonders how everyone can better contribute to adding value to often overlooked areas.

Cluster explains more:

Ordinary places – the residential areas around big city centres, smaller post-industrial cities and the suburbs – have received notably less attention than city centres in urban regeneration and revitalisation programmes over the last decade, but as this report indicates how these neighbourhoods and their inhabitants, will become pivotal in addressing climate change, economic growth and the social stability of cities and nations in the near future. The behaviour of people, their needs and opinions will be central to this discourse and to creating a valuable urbanism for present and future generations.

Ordinary Places (PDF)


Cluster: A Report on Making Ordinary Places Valued and Valuable

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