Tapping The Zeitgeist: Urban Outfitters Launches Enticing Sweepstakes

Tapping The Zeitgeist: Urban Outfitters Launches Enticing Sweepstakes

Urban Outfitters has launched a smart and resourceful contest via the UO Blog.

Laura Feinstein
  • 17 may 2010

There’s a reason why Urban Outfitters have not just weathered the recession, but actually shown a profit: They have consistently and artfully tapped the zeitgeist numerous times. Most recently? A competition to win a $1,000 gift certificate as well as $1,000 of brand du-jour Vena Cava (pieces which are expected to become on par with collectors items in the upcoming years).

One of the most  ingenious parts of this sweepstakes is that participants originally find out about it through the UO Blog, which rewards current readers for maintaining their site loyalty, while also potentially sparking the interest of new viewers curious about the prospect of “flash sales and giveaways” (much like how retail site ideeli functions). Another great move on part of Urban Outfitters is that in order to enter you must give your email address , and are able to promote your chances to win by inputting your friend’s email addresses. Although doing this may not increase your chances to win too greatly, it will definitely raise the probability of those friends finding themselves on the UO mailing list and being (willingly) lured to the site by more promos and sales.

However, the truly successful part of this sweepstakes is the prize itself- something highly coveted and desirable enough for you the consumer to part with potentially sensitive information.  Additionally, the giveaway is sponsored by fashion enthusiast site Refinery29– a well- trusted name in the blogosphere.  This is what will eventually set the Urban Outfitters website apart from other retail sites should they choose to continue in this direction: Taste and vision, two things which can’t be bought and certainly never go out of style.

UO Blog: “Refinery 29 + Urban Outfitters Treasure Hunter”

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