The Hotel Of The Future: Using Technology To Enhance Customer Experience

The Hotel Of The Future: Using Technology To Enhance Customer Experience

InterContinental Hotels Group's CIO Tom Conophy shares his predictions about the future use of technology in hotels.

Naresh Kumar
  • 20 may 2010

How technologically inclined will hotels of the future be? Smart Planet spoke to InterContinental Hotels Group’s CIO Tom Conophy, who believes that the hotel of the future will be smarter via the extensive use of technology to better understand their guests’ needs. Amongst the services Conophy foresees are electronic concierges which will comprehend guest’s individual preferences, and intelligent services that will inform hotel staff how to better personalize service.

Conophy explains the role of the mobile device:

Guests are going to use these mobile devices to do transparent shopping. You’ll be notified of any changes to your booking plan, and we’ll be notified that you’re on your way here.

…In the future, your device that you’re carrying will be your key, via infrared. You will have the key, and the door itself will be smart. That’s important because a lot of guests want fast check-in.

Smart Planet: “The hotel of the future: ‘You will be the key’”

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