Trees Near You: An iPhone Application With A Poignant Message

Trees Near You: An iPhone Application With A Poignant Message

An iPhone application offers utility and perhaps a little social commentary of the man/nature paradigm.

Lisa Baldini
  • 26 may 2010

In a city like New York, much of the population is always in a rush to “be somewhere”. Therefore, when many of us look for new applications, we often look for two things: entertainment and utility that will take us somewhere, make it quicker to get there, tell us who’s there or just pass the time when we finally get there.

Trees Near You is a different type of utility that reminds you about what is already around you–nature.

The creators explain:

Trees Near You helps you learn about more than 500,000 trees that live on New York City sidewalks. For any area of the city, from block to borough, you can see the different species that live there, and measure the environmental (and monetary!) benefits that these trees provide.

Trees Near You was created by Brett Camper using street tree census data publicly released by the city government.

Whether attempting to offer some sort of social statement or not, Trees Near You will at least remind you that not all of New York is a concrete jungle.

Trees Near You

[Via: Eyebeam]

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