When Will We Be Able To Data Visualize Everything?

When Will We Be Able To Data Visualize Everything?

Street posters act as an entry point for exploration into data gathering.

Lisa Baldini
  • 13 may 2010

In a post-viral marketing world, the curiously designed poster non-chalantly pasted in a “cool” urban area is always subject to scrutiny. One usually goes through a litany of questions when approaching these posters: Is this a new teaser for a science fiction film or will it get me a new free sample of something I’m not quite sure I need?

The above poster is, in fact, part of the University of Technology, Sydney’s Visualizing Research, and it will be interesting to see the types of data they are able to gather from such an open-ended gesture of inviting people to “complete” a poster, for such an invitations highlights the most important question in participatory projects: what is the exchange value between user and the requester? To that end, what does the enactor (perhaps the brand) gain access to? How is the data useful?

Check out the progress of the project here.

Visualizing Research

[via: Darling Hurst Nights]

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