Zwölf Uses Guns As Design Tools

Zwölf Uses Guns As Design Tools

Berlin-based design firm Zwölf went to great lengths to create a unique cover for a band's CD.

Dan Gould
  • 10 may 2010

Berlin-based design firm Zwölf took a very hands-on, physical approach when designing the cover artwork for the band Elyjah. 2000 hand printed photos were taken to a shooting range, and shot up by Zwölf, making for a run of one of a kind album artwork.

The designers explain their process:

After a split-7″ release on Siluh, the debut album “Planet, Planet” (Klimbim Records/Cargo) put the spotlight firmly on the Berliner lads from Elyjah. For us it was clear: this CD is fantastic. Both playful and atmospheric, it leaves a lasting impression. To ensure that that message was conveyed to the customer, we fired pellets at all two thousand covers. They circle like planets around a fixed point. Returning to a time in which men had morals in their hearts and cloth handkerchiefs in their trouser pockets, we put the band in Herr von Eden suits (styling: Leena Zimmermann, production: Kieran Joel) and then printed the large-format photos shot by Norman Konrad by hand.

Typographically, we continued this theme with two typefaces from that time period: Memphis, from Emil Rudolph Weiß (1929) and the wonderful Wieynck Gotisch from Heinrich Wieynck (1926) were put into use on an old Heidelberg printing machine. The “shooting” didn’t stop there. In the video for the single “Wired” (director: Hagen Decker, camera: Cüneyt Kaya), exploding light bulbs dance around the band like shooting stars.


[via Form Fifty Five]

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