15,000 People Dance, Walk & Move On An Airplane Runway

15,000 People Dance, Walk & Move On An Airplane Runway
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A Kentucky-based organization aims to improve the state's health through unique events.

Yofred Moik
  • 23 june 2010

Approximately 15,000 people simultaneously walked, danced, biked, exercised, and socialized on a 4,000 foot strip of Kentucky’s Bluegrass Airport to advocate for a healthier lifestyle. The event was coordinated by Second Sunday, a Kentucky-based organization that aims to improve Kentucky’s public health infrastructure through arranging community events that have participants moving and exercising. It’s a great example of alternative use of space and resources – the runway being a perfect venue to accommodate the mobilization of thousands of moving people determined to improve health policies of Kentuckians in a fun and physically uplifting way. Second Sunday hopes that their state-wide campaign can eventually become an adaptable template to have it implemented nation-wide.

Second Sunday

[via AmericanCity]

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