A Sesame Street For The Internet Generation

A Sesame Street For The Internet Generation

Michael Levine from the Joan Ganz Cooney Center shares his thoughts on the benefits of digital media for kids.

Naresh Kumar
  • 9 june 2010

During a TEDx event in Atlanta last month, Michael Levine, executive director for The Joan Ganz Cooney Center, shared his views on how digital media can help children learn and acquire new skills, even as they suffer information overload from TVs, computers and smartphones . It was a Joan Ganz Cooney study that lead to the creation of Sesame Street, the pioneer of contemporary educational television, which combines both education and entertainment. The Center now focuses its attention on the new challenges faced by children today.

Levine shares the alarming statistic of American children ranking 15th internationally in reading proficiency, even as the government has poured huge investments into primary education. He discusses the benefits of a digital education model and how it allows for learning through games and seamlessly connecting people from different generations. Levine also talks about trends in digital media that are revolutionizing learning.

Media Multitasking: Can the media multitasking generation that each of us is familiar with in our households and in our communities adopt what I would call a new set of what I would call “habits of mind” that will allow them to learn in a totally new way? Or are we destined to raise a generation of youngsters who are a mile wide and an inch deep?

Transmedia Migration or Convergence of Multiple Screens: Can these translate into more coherent set of learning experiences that are woven together or would we continue to simply fragment the learning expertise that the children are assembling?

Watch his full presentation below

TEDxAtlanta: “Michael Levine – Digital Media for Kids”

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