Adobe Museum Of Digital Media To Feature Groundbreaking Electronic Design

Adobe Museum Of Digital Media To Feature Groundbreaking Electronic Design

A new virtual space will host complex exhibits covering a range of digital disciplines.

Kyle Studstill
  • 25 june 2010

Opening in August 2010, the Adobe Museum of Digital Media is set to feature groundbreaking exhibitions of electronic design shaping the way we interact with media. The virtual space will be open 365 days a year, giving artists and innovators an opportunity to craft interactions impossible to replicate in a traditional museum.

Adobe explains below:

The museum is an ever-changing repository of eclectic exhibits from diverse fields ranging from photography to product development to broadcast communications. To inspire fresh conversation on the constantly evolving digital landscape, exhibits are overseen by guest curators, each of whom is a recognized leader in the field of art, technology, or business.

The museum will be housed in a virtual building designed by Italian architect Filippo Innocenti, described by Adobe as “a master of fluid urban designs for large, public installations.” This structure will be navigated by visitors through the use of an avatar inspired by the fusion of nature and technology.

A video explaining the design of the building and avatar can be found here.

Adobe Museum of Digital Media

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