Betacup Challenge Winners Announced

Betacup Challenge Winners Announced

Betacup Challenge's winning ideas for reducing coffee paper cup consumption.

Naresh Kumar
  • 18 june 2010

Our regular readers will recall PSFK writing about the launch of the Betacup challenge. The competition, sponsored by Starbucks, was an effort to come up with solutions to reduce coffee paper cup consumption. Yesterday, Betacup announced the winning ideas that received cash prizes worth $20,000. We take a look at some of these innovative ideas.

Karma Cup: The winning idea of the Betacup challenge, conceptualized by Mira Holley, Nick Patridge, Gillian Langor, Mira Lynn, Zarla Ludin and Ruth Prentice, is not exactly an alternative cup but a promotional idea to encourage people to use reusable cups. Every customer with a reusable cup makes an X on a blackboard and every tenth person gets a free cup of coffee as an incentive to use reusable mugs. The idea also suggested adding washing stations for people to wash their own travel mugs and a system where Starbucks only serves coffee in reusable cups that it owns so customers can return the cup at their convenience at any Starbucks outlet.

Betacup Challenge Winners Announced 2

The Betacup & The Betacup Campaign: This idea by Jesko Stoetzer was among the top 5 community favorites and was awarded a community prize. A 100% biodegradable cup made from rice husks is combined with an incentive program to encourage users to keep bringing their cups back. The cups would be embedded with an RFID chip to help users to track their use and get discounts every time they bring their rice husk cup. Team competitions and linking social causes to save paper cups were also suggested as part of the idea.

Betacup Challenge Winners Announced 3

Cuptokeep: Another community prize winner was Cuptokeep by Katarina Mattsson & Angelica Lindgren. Cuptokeep is a new eco friendly take-away cup that users bring with themselves to the coffee shop. It is made of an elastic plastic material with a design that allows users to collapse the cup to 1/5 of its size. The drop safe lid makes the cup safe to fit in a pocket or handbag on the way out and makes for an ideal alternative for coffee lovers to enjoy their coffee on the go.

Betacup Challenge Winners Announced 4

Some of the other ideas that were picked by the community and received an honorable mention by the jury were The NextCup, The Neutral Resource Coffee Cup and Band of Honor. The Betacup’s site has details of all the winning ideas.

The Betacup Challenge

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