Bump 50:50: Using Mobile Technology To Increase Giving

Bump 50:50: Using Mobile Technology To Increase Giving

A new technology promises to help increase the money raised during 50/50 raffles.

Naresh Kumar
  • 3 june 2010

Bump 50:50 is a new, in-venue, mobile fundraising effort and is touted as the evolution of the 50/50 raffle. It aims to help charities running raffles during live sports and entertainment events to raise the maximum amount of money by incorporating real-time technology and send live feeds to monitors and scoreboards-building excitement and furthering ticket sales.

The official site explains how it works:

Bump 50:50’s technology includes a mobile hand-held device and portable printer, along with supporting data and reporting software. With the card reader and our secure mobile banking software, fans can buy tickets immediately. The portable printer prints the tickets on the spot and then transmits the “stub” ticket information to a printer in a secure environment to be used for the final draw. The software provides live feeds to scoreboards and video monitors, providing up-to-the-second pot value. The reporting tool allows foundations to collect real time data and customize the information whichever way they’d like.

Bump 50:50 promises to improve on the old model of 50/50 raffles by providing easy access through kiosks and volunteers equipped with handheld devices, credibility by eliminating human error and building excitement by providing real-time pot value on screens, thus increasing the size of the funds, and final prize.

Bump 50:50

[via Reason Partners]

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