Consumer Electronic Devices May Soon Be Carrying Skype

Consumer Electronic Devices May Soon Be Carrying Skype

Very soon, we will be able to use the service from televisions and other home electronics.

Naresh Kumar
  • 24 june 2010

Skype has launched a new set of tools called SkypeKit which allows developers to integrate Skype into various devices such as TVs to offer Skype voice and video calls. While till now, manufacturers had to have Skype’s approval, the new tools enable any consumer electronics maker to make Skype, mainly its low-cost calling service, available on its devices.

Jonathan Christensen, general manager for platform at Skype says:

Our goal is to expand Skype across multiple platforms and empower third-party device makers and desktop software developers to embed Skype into consumer electronics devices and desktop applications.

Panasonic and Samsung have already integrated Skype into their Web-enabled TVs.


BusinessWeek: “Skype Pushes Into Consumer Electronics”

Image courtesy Pocket-Lint

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