Converse Makes (More) Music


The company continues to use strategic musical partnerships to cement their positioning and association as a consistently youthful and relevant lifestyle brand.

Paloma M. Vazquez
  • 28 june 2010

Converse continues to use music and the arts as an integral platform for the brand, partnering with musician Kid Cudi on a (very) short film that captures Cudi exploring his native Cleveland while reflecting on his artistic journey. The short film actually represents one third of a collaboration Converse facilitated with 3 artists – Kid Cudi, Best Coast’s Bethany Cosentino, and Vampire Weekend’s Rostam Batmanglij – to produce 1 song, which will be released on July 7th on the Converse Blog. Until that release, visitors to the site can view videos shot with each artist telling their story. It’s worth noting that, while the artists wear Converse throughout the video, it’s very subtle – and the brand is not significantly visible until it appears against a blank screen at the very conclusion of the video.

For a brand like Converse to partner with musicians and artists – arguably to cement their positioning and association as a consistently youthful and relevant lifestyle brand – is not necessarily insightful. But Converse seems to have a very tight understanding of the personality and tone that their customers have come to expect from them, and of the type of artists and musicians that they gravitate towards. Kid Cudi, Best Coast and Vampire Weekend are not little-known musicians, but they have a rather unique, independent style that aligns with Converse’s brand equity.

The Converse Blog also serves as a platform for visitors to add their own artistic work, with the brand selecting a few artists and musicians’ work to showcase regularly. The blog in essence serves as a brand-curated vehicle to publish and publicize musicians’ and artists’ work, and for Converse to strengthen its association to and support of (oftentimes independent) musicians and artists.

Agency Anomaly, promotions firm Cornerstone and consultant Arthur Soleimanpour worked with Converse on the collaboration.

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