Damien Hirst’s Signature Deck Chair Collection

Damien Hirst’s Signature Deck Chair Collection

The artist's new collection is a long way away from his typical creations.

Naresh Kumar
  • 9 june 2010

English artist Damien Hirst’s affordable new collection of butterfly-print chairs is very uncharacteristic of him. These folding deck chairs by Hirst, who is renowned for using death as a central theme in many of his works, have a merpauh timber frame and a smattering of butterflies across their cloth front, with a stainless-steel plaque inscribed with Hirst’s signature. The chairs come in lime-green, yellow, sky-blue and several other colors. The deck chairs are priced at $425 each and are available at Other Criteria Editions stores in New York and London.

Damien Hirst

[via ArtInfo]

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